All About Trey

Hello Bloggers! 

My name is Trey and I’m 12 years old, in grade 7, and live in the Comox Valley, British Colombia. 


I like to scooter, ski, bike, hunt, fish and mostly all outdoor stuff. I do taekwondo twice a week and a paper route twice a week as well. I’m a green belt and testing for my blue stripe at the end of the month

I have a younger brother, an older sister which has a baby which makes me an uncle to a 8 month old baby. 

Have a great day, 


*Updated March 1, 2018*

10 thoughts on “All About Trey

  1. Hi Trey
    I like hunting to and fishing, That’s awesome how your testing for your green belt,
    How long have you been in taekwondo?
    thats all,
    have a great day.
    Sincerely Nathan

    1. Thank you Nathan. I have been in takwondoe for years now. I started when I was around 6 in Alberta when I lived there then had to restart and go from scratch when I moved up to British Colombia . So that’s a good 5 years. Bye now,

  2. Hey Trey,
    I like to bike, scooter and go fishing just like you. I go fishing on the river and catch spring salmon. Last time I went I caught a nice chrome spring.

    Have a good day,

    1. Hello Evan,
      That sounds like a very good catch. We should go bike or scooter sometime before it snows. I heard it’s gonna be double then last year!
      Bye now

    1. Hey Jackson, I usually go hunting in Buckley bay, Mount Washington, and Woss area. I hunt for grouse and deer but never had luck for a deer yet.
      Bye now, Trey

  3. Hi Trey it is Annika .

    Do you do your Taekwondo at the Comox Rec Centre . I did not know you had an older sister. How is it to be an uncle.

    Sincerely Annika

    1. Hey Annika,
      I do, yes. I have been there for a couple years now and i’m a green belt. I have a sister and she is 18 turning 19 in March. Being an uncle is great! Maverick, my nephew, is super cute and loves to play! He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he is 4 months, 13 days,1 hour and 4 minutes old to be excact haha.
      Bye now, Trey

  4. Hi, Trey.

    I really enjoyed reading your posts, and I liked how you listed your hobbies (I… like to…).

    I have never hunted, but I have tried fishing a few times, and I found it difficult, but quite fun. I bike to school every day, and if I go downtown with my friends, that will probably be my only other use for my bike. It is a commuter bicycle, meaning it is only suitable for light trails. Do you have a road bike, commuter, or a mountain bike?

    I do not own a scooter, so PLEASE don’t laugh until you cry if you see me crash a borrowed scooter into a wall. (Just kidding.)

    Anyway, thanks for posting some nice reading material on your blog. I am hoping to read some more soon.

    Check out my blog if you want! Here’s the link:

    Ivo N.

    1. Hey Ivo,
      Iv’e never heard of a commuter bike but I did read that it’s used for light trails. I have a mountain bike which I got from Sports Check. It’s a pretty good bike with lots of gears to choose from. I go trail riding and jump it of built jumps or sometimes my friends and I will make our own. Sincerely, Trey

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