Hello everyone,

This post is a choice post, so I am going to be talking about my taekwondo experience.

Currently I am a green belt, and I recently tested for it. I have been in taekwondo for many years now. I started in Alberta age 6, then had to restart when I moved to British Colombia. I took a year break and now have been catching up.  In this test I had to break wooden boards, do kicks, and since taekwondo is a South Korean sport, we gotta count and know our words such as different kicks, stances and more.

Flying kick.
Alex de Haas via Compfight

What sports are you interested in? Bye now!

Ryan Williams: Scooter Superstar!

Hello Readers,

Ryan Williamsknown as R-Willy, is a BMX/Scooter rider. He is 23 years young and rides the Nitro Circus mega ramp. He has broken over hundreds of world records! He lives in Gold Coast, Australia and goes on tour with his Nitro Circus crew. They travel all across the world and recently did a tour in South Africa. But sadly, his tour got cut early, Ryan was sent back to Australia because he separated his shoulder doing a front flip 360 tailwhip barspin on bike. He also has a YouTube Ryan Williams with over 600,000 subscribers. Ryan  shows confidence. He demonstrates this by being confident saying he could do this trick and all his crew and fans in the stand cheering him on! He needs the confidence and focus on landing the trick as well. If he lands wrong he can cause serious injuries or even death! If he misses the landing I don’t think it would be very good for Ryan. If he decides to do a flip or a spin trick  (or them two combined), he needs to know where his landing is and when to straighten out to land.

Another trait is risk taking. He is risking his life and his career which is scootering and biking which he has been doing for years even decades.

He is also very compassionate, he’s not one of those guys that do bad things or makes fun of less talented people or anything. He tries to inspire people to learn and become a better person and what not. He is always nice to his crew and skate park friends. If he fails a trick he will just get up and try again, then laugh it off after wards.

At the top of this post you may see a video of Ryan Williams. It’s a short film that has tricks never released and lots of world firsts.

Thank you for reading! Do you scooter or bike? What tricks can you do?

Bye, Trey.