Where I Live

Hello again,

Today I’m going to be telling you and showing you around some of my favourite spots and parts of my home, the Comox Valley. I have been living in the Comox Valley for almost 5 years now before I moved from Airdrie, Alberta near Calgary, but I find it much more fun here.

Let’s start with the skate park. I love the skate park here! I have been scootering there with my friends and my brother for a couple years now. It has a pretty nice bowl with some grippy pink paint that pops out well. There is also some stair sets, rails, and ledges to grind on. All the stair sets are different sizes and the jumps are different sizes as well for different levels of riders. Below you can find some photos of the bowl before it was vandalized with all sorts of different pictures and inappropriate words, some is actually some pretty art. Most of the bowl is now in pink. The Skate park is located in Courtenay which is apart of the Comox Valley, and it’s close enough to scooter, skateboard or whatever you do from your home. If your not a big fan of scootering or skateboarding, there is some nice shade under the tree’s with some picnic table benches to chill out with your friends. There’s also a super nice view of the Comox Glacier in the mountains that you could see from almost anywhere in the park. Also what’s cool about the skate park that it’s really close to all the fast food’s, Dollar store, and some other businesses if your ever hungry or just wanna go find some street which I find very fun exploring around.

I’m a new skier, and I think i’m pretty good being able to hit large jumps no problem only on my 3rd time ever skiing. The local ski mountain is Mount Washington, In the summer it’s a bike mountain and in the winter it’s a skiing and snowboard mountain with lots of different lifts and trails to choose from. I prefer the jump terrain. My brother and I, we hit all sorts of different jumps. it’s always a fun time. Here’s a link! Checkout some videos Mount Washington 

Finally my favourite place to eat in the Comox Valley is probably Plates. It’s a cool restaurant in Courtenay, which is decorated with a lot of different licence plates around the world. There’s also some other cool things in there other than all the different colored plates, there is some old gas tank things that I find pretty cool. There’s a wide menu of all day breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. My favourite is the Eggs N Benny on the breakfast menu with a choice of ham or bacon, and fruit or hash browns. Yum! Definitely suggested.

Those are my biggest interests, there is also some nice scenery. Ocean, mountains, forest which are all unique and have walking trails. Thanks for reading! Bye, Trey.

P.S. My blog link is treyzz9.edublogs.org

Scooter Riding


Hello bloggers,

This is my favorite kind of post, a scooter post!

I ride a blue MPG VX6 Nitro and I have been scootering since December last year. It’s my first scooter and I love it! It’s not the lightest but I like having a little bit of a heavy scooter. I ride park and street street is better in my opinion but in park there’s bigger jumps meant for scooters and skateboards and in street you have to find one which may be hard.

I can tailwhip flat and double tailwhip off  a jump. I can also 360, downside tailwhip half cabb, and fakie tailwhip both flat and off jumps. Currently, my best trick is a double tailwhip. I am working on heelwhips and barspins.

I go to my local skate park quite a bit. I go with my friends, my brother, and sometimes my cousin. I’m sure you know what a tailwhip is, but if you don’t, i’ll explain it for you:

You have a deck underneath your feet and basically you jump in the air by doing a bunny hop or a J hop and then you use your feet to flick the deck around and your wrists on the bars to support the spin. When it get’s back to your feet you land and put your feet back onto the deck again.

Do you scooter? What tricks could you do?

Bye now, Trey!

Creative Commons License Connor Tarter via Compfight