Hello everyone,

This post is a choice post, so I am going to be talking about my taekwondo experience.

Currently I am a green belt, and I recently tested for it. I have been in taekwondo for many years now. I started in Alberta age 6, then had to restart when I moved to British Colombia. I took a year break and now have been catching up.  In this test I had to break wooden boards, do kicks, and since taekwondo is a South Korean sport, we gotta count and know our words such as different kicks, stances and more.

Flying kick.
Alex de Haas via Compfight

What sports are you interested in? Bye now!

2 thoughts on “Taekwondo

  1. Nathan

    Hello Trey,
    I don’t do Taekwondo, I used to do kickboxing and I was a green belt.
    What belt where you before you moved here?
    I’m interested in soccer, basketball those are my favorite sports.
    My brother used to do Taekwondo but he didn’t really like it.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

    1. Trey Post author

      Hey Nathan,
      That sounds great. I was just a white belt before I moved. The whole belt thing was different between the province. In Alberta, you had to test for your white belt as if here you get that right at the start. Also, in Alberta, there were many different colors of belts, here theirs stripes then a whole colored belt and so on and so on. Bye now, from Trey


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