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Hello bloggers,

This is my favorite kind of post, a scooter post!

I ride a blue MPG VX6 Nitro and I have been scootering since December last year. It’s my first scooter and I love it! It’s not the lightest but I like having a little bit of a heavy scooter. I ride park and street street is better in my opinion but in park there’s bigger jumps meant for scooters and skateboards and in street you have to find one which may be hard.

I can tailwhip flat and double tailwhip off  a jump. I can also 360, downside tailwhip half cabb, and fakie tailwhip both flat and off jumps. Currently, my best trick is a double tailwhip. I am working on heelwhips and barspins.

I go to my local skate park quite a bit. I go with my friends, my brother, and sometimes my cousin. I’m sure you know what a tailwhip is, but if you don’t, i’ll explain it for you:

You have a deck underneath your feet and basically you jump in the air by doing a bunny hop or a J hop and then you use your feet to flick the deck around and your wrists on the bars to support the spin. When it get’s back to your feet you land and put your feet back onto the deck again.

Do you scooter? What tricks could you do?

Bye now, Trey!

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2 thoughts on “Scooter Riding

  1. Nathan

    Hello Trey,
    I don’t scooter I sometimes mountain bike though, the only tricks I know are tail whips and 360s and 180s.
    I like how much information you put in this post, what a tail whip is and other tricks you put a lot of detail with that.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

    1. Trey Post author

      Hey Nathan,
      I mountain bike as well. I could X-up, one hander, and I could whip. I could do all these tricks on a scooter too but except it’s easier on a scooter. Bye now, from Trey


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