Would You Rather?

Hey again,

Today I’m going to be something a little bit different then I usually post. I’m doing a would you rather post if you couldn’t tell by the tittle already. Basically i’ll write 10 or more questions and then i’ll have my opinions below, be free to comment yours!

1.) Would you rather go on a week long tour around Europe or go on a nice relaxing week long trip to anywhere in Hawaii?   I’d personally choose the Hawaii trip, It would be super cool going to Europe but I like to swim and it would be super cool going snorkeling in the ocean with your family.

2.) Would you rather sleep with 10 different spiders or a hundred crickets and ants? I’d prefer 10 spiders because there is less and i’d get over it after a while because there just dumb insects.

Spider on dandelion

3.) Would you rather have a fingers as a tongue or tongue for fingers? – *That’s probably confusing if you read it fast* I’d have a tongue for a finger because i think that would be pretty funny if you slapped someone.

4.) Would you rather live in a place nearby an Ocean or a forest? For me probably a forest, more likely to be some bike trails, hunting areas, and even a nearby skiing mountain.

5.) Would you rather have any Apple or any Samsung? I prefer Apple iPhone’s but that’s just my opinion, I probably wouldn’t get the 10/X Because I like the home buttons and such.

6.) Would you rather be able to go to space or experience a submarine under the Ocean? Me, I’d go to space. I love the ocean but space is like once in a life time

7.) Would you rather have unlimited respect or unlimited power? I’d have unlimited respect but not to much where people buy me hella good stuff and take bullets for me and stuff like that. Just to be reconized and stuff. I don’t need much power over the world.

8.) Would you rather be able to fly or go invisible? I’d love to fly! Are you kidding me? That would be sick! If I want I could fly for a vacation and don’t have to pay the price of a plane aha.

9.) Would you rather have any two cars in the world or have a very loving family and friends? The second one would be my choice, cars can get you places, but it’s not a need in life but family and friends are

10.) Would you rather play Russian rullet for 20 million dollars with a 1/6 chance of surviving or Have a nice job and get $100,000 out of no where added to your bank account? I’d definitely take the second one, 20 million dollars may be risking your life for you, but not for me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your opinions on my questions or even my answers.

Have a great day

Sincerely, Trey

Andrei Zverev via Compfight

One thought on “Would You Rather?

  1. Hey Trey,
    For the first one I would do Hawaii because I’ve never been there and I’ve always wanted to go there and surf.
    For the second one I would do 10 spiders because I’m not afraid of spiders that much.
    The third on I would do tongue as fingers because it would be funny if you hit some one with it.
    The fourth I would do The forest because I like hunting and it would be fun exploring the forest.
    I would go Apple because in my opinion I like Apple better.
    Ya I would go to space to because it would be fun with no gravity.
    I would have unlimited respect to but I wouldn’t want that much respect.
    Ya I would fly to because I could go anywhere in the world.
    I would rather have a loving family and friends because you can do more with them then a car.
    I’d rather have a nice job because I wouldn’t want to risk my life.
    I like how you put your awnsers to the questions to so we could see what you would do and I liked how you put a reason why you picked that one, that’s all.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely Nathan.

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