Death in Space

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One day in class will we were doing a writing assignment,  we watched this video tittled “Death in Space” and wrote about a funny death. *That sounds not right on how I said it but If you keep reading (Which I suggest you do) you’ll find out what it actually was.* There was about 15 different short animated videos and we chose one to write about if we were in the first person view. There was from accidents like breaking a helmet, to getting eaten by an alien, to asteroids smashing into you and such. I’ll link the video down below for you to watch.

I chose the one where this curious astronaut is exploring some planet and then discovers some eggs in a nest while some were hatched already. When the mother returns, the alien monster thing eats her in one gulp! You can watch the video yourself if you decide.

One day, while I was in space doing my job, I found this new planet Iv’e never seen before. I felt like a found a new discovery! As I landed my space ship, I jump out onto the weird, red rocky texture not sure if this was a good idea or not. As I made my way around, I notice everything is mostly flat but rocky. In the distance, I notice a little hill. I climb up the rocky hill not knowing what will be on the other side, but then I notice there was something cool! I find some white little eggs in what looks to be a big nest. In the corner of my eye, I quickly look and see there’s a live creature. It looked unharmful, so I pick it up into my hands, and just held it there. A couple minutes go bye, and I hear this weird noise that iv’e never heard before. I didn’t really think of it that much as I thought I was just hearing things. But out of no where I thought I ended up in some sort of a dark cave. it just happened so fast! I soon enough realize I’m in a stomach of some sort of creature. That was the end for me.

Bye now

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog!



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